"My mom is 82 and was in need of some hearing aids but a little reluctant. Now she actually can hear when we are not just looking right at her!”

~ Jan, mid-forties, caregiver for her mom

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Frequently Asked Questions | Audiology & Hearing Aids

ReSound LinX

Q. Do I really need two hearing aids?

Depending on your hearing loss, two hearing aids are always best. We have two ears for a reason, and both need to function at the best level for directionality, understanding, and safety.

Q. Do I need to wear my hearing aids all of the time?

Traditional daily wear hearing aids should be worn during all waking hours if possible. Exceptions are when swimming or getting wet in the shower or tub, when having a medical procedure such as surgery or an MRI, and, of course, when at the hairdresser or barber shop. The audiologist may mention other times when wearing hearing aids would not be recommended.

Wearing your hearing aid as much as possible is important to allow your brain to acclimate to the programming determined best for your hearing needs.

Hearing aid battery

Q. How often do I need to change the batteries?

Each battery should last approximately 7 days depending on the power needed for your particular hearing aid. Opening the battery door at night, thereby breaking the charge, may extend the life of the battery a bit.

Q. What happens if I lose them?

If you lose your hearing aid, call us as soon as possible. If you do not already have a backup aid, we are often able to fit you with an acceptable unit (at no charge) that will adequately meet your needs while the order for a replacement is being filled. We will give you specific warranty/replacement details when you call or during your appointment time.

Q. Why should I use PowerOne™ batteries?

A. Our premium quality PowerOne™ batteries provide optimum service life and performance, and contain three-fold sealing for exceptional corrosion resistance in humid environments. Based on remarks from our patients, they last longer and are an excellent value.

Even the best hearing aid is of little use if it runs on an unsuitable battery. The brilliant sound you desire from technology is dependent on whether the amplifying power of the hearing aid is used in an optimal way. PowerOne™ batteries provide extraordinarily high voltage stability for practically the entire discharge duration of each button cell.

The useful life of the battery does not simply depend on the power demands of the hearing aid; the quality of the battery also has a significant impact on performance.

Frequently Asked Questions | Speech-Language

Mother with toddler

Q. Will my child grow out of this speech-language problem?

While many parents are advised by well-meaning friends and family to 'wait and see', we recommend contacting a speech-language pathologist if you have any concerns. Many questions may be answered in a brief phone call.

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