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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Are you concerned about your hearing?
Do you have a hard time understanding on the telephone?
Is it difficult for you to hear conversations in a crowded restaurant?
Do others tell you that you have the television too loud?

Use this Summer to find the answers

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Summer Hours

Summer Hours 

Beginning the Week of May 26th

Appointments with Leslie:
8:30 – 4:30  Mon. – Wed.
8:30 – 12:00 Noon   Thur.

 The Office will close at noon on Friday.

On May 28, 2014, the health segment of the Today Show featured several “High-tech Products to Help You Hear Better”! Take a look!
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Birmingham Speech and Hearing Associates, LLC
There are millions of people who do not communicate as well as they would like. Our staff at Birmingham Speech and Hearing is qualified and eager to help you improve your communication skills, whether you need speech-language or hearing services.

Difficulty with hearing loss can be a debilitating problem for both children and adults. Good hearing is essential for young and old alike. Compromised hearing can negatively affect the development of social skills, cognition, balance and safety. Some of the more common causes of hearing loss include exposure to noise in the work environment or recreation, infectious disease, physical trauma, ototoxic drugs or chemicals, birth defects and developmental syndromes. The aging process is a significant factor, along with genetic susceptibility. 

As with hearing problems, speech and language problems can affect people at any age.  When babies and young children do not acquire age-appropriate communication skills, they may be at risk for further problems.  While some children “outgrow” speech and language difficulties, others may need professional help to reach their potential.  Speech-language pathologists have the knowledge to evaluate and treat people of all ages who have communication delays and disorders affecting speech sounds, swallowing, voice, fluency (stuttering is disrupted fluency), receptive language (understanding what people say), and expressive language.

Birmingham Speech and Hearing Assoc, LLC, provides Audiology and Speech Language Pathology services by appointment only. Our staff at Birmingham Speech and Hearing includes two AuD's in Audiology, and three Speech Language Pathologists, M.S. CCC –SLP. All of our professionals at Birmingham Speech and Hearing are licensed by State and National institutions in their respective areas of competency. We provide hearing evaluations, hearing aid adjustments and repairs, and sell hearing aids. We provide hearing services to students in area school systems on an as-required basis. Birmingham Speech and Hearing also provides Speech Therapy for children and adults.

We offer products from major companies including, but not limited to, SiemensLyricPhonakWidexReSoundStarkey and Oticon.

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Our Location

Highway 280. Birmingham
Birmingham Speech and Hearing is located in Building 4 in Office Park off of Highway 280.

Birmingham Speech and Hearing is located in Building 4 in Office Park off of Highway 280. Office Park is the nation’s first planned office park!  The Jefferson County Historical Association recently placed a new historical marker recognizing the rich history of Mountain Brook’s Office Park.  Developed in 1955, this was a revolutionary concept leading to the creation of similar projects all over the nation.

Our Products

and Services
Our Products

Birmingham Speech and Hearing Associates provides a comprehensive range of Hearing Health Care Services for adults and children including: